(Mechanical Engineering design unless otherwise stated)

SSK Malatya Hospital Renovation
200 (exising) + 455 (new) beds
40.000 sq.m - State Social Security Ins.  

METU (Middle East Technical University) Gaziantep Campus Electrical - Electronics Engineering Laboratories Bldg., 1.100 sq.m. 

Konya SELCUK UNIVERSITY (Total : 200.000 sq.m.)     

Faculty of Science, 60.000 sq.m. 
Faculty of Literature, 25.000 sq.m. 
Presidential Bldg. 
Medico-Social Center 
Computer Center 
Printing House 
Library Bldg. 
Cafeteria Bldg. 
Guest House  
Istanbul CAYKUR Buyukdere Tea Packing Factory,11.500 sq.m.   
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies
Ankara ANITKABIR (Ataturk's Mousoleum) Heating & Ventilation System Renovation - Ministry of Defence 
Konya SELCUK UNIVERSITY  Faculty of Medical Sciences & Hospital 90.000 sq.m. 

Six  Squadron Operations & Wing Operations Bldg.'s with CBR shelters 
at Mus, Batman & Incirlik  NATO Air Bases -

(CBR=shelters protected against chemical, biological, nuclear weapons)

Istanbul BAYRAMPASA Wholesale Market , 100.000 sq.m.
Istanbul Municipality
Izmir 9 EYLUL University Hospital, 700 beds  (Thermal Water Heating)

F-16  Aircraft Factory  Murted/Ankara - Ministry of Defense 
Aircraft Maintenance Hangar 
Aircraft Engine Workshop 
Field Training Facility (Simulation) 
Corrosion Control & Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Hangar 
Fuel Systems Bldg.
 Crew Readiness Bldg.Various Hangar Modifications

Ankara HILTON Hotel, 5 stars, 700 beds, 33.000 sq.m.- Hilton International 
Antalya FALEZ International Hotel, 5 stars, 700 beds, 40.000 sq.m. - Steigenberger + OR-SA   
16th JET Air Base  Aircraft Maintenance Hangar - Ministry of Defense  

SEVILLA EXPO92 World Fair-Pavilion of Turkey, Spain - Ministry of State

NOVOKUZNETSK/Siberia  Surgical Hospital, 500 beds, 41.000 sq.m. 
Zapsib Steel Factory, Russia
Adana GALLERIA Shopping Center, 65.000 sq.m. - Anakent Co.Inc.   
Ankara BAYINDIR  Hospital, 200 beds, 14.000 sq.m. Bayindir Co.Inc.
Ankara ALTINPARK Facilities-Closed Olympic Swimming Pool, Presidential Bldg., Greenhouses and  Stables 
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality
 (Design and constr. supervision services)
Diyarbakir Underground Shopping Center , 100 shops
Diyarbakir Municipality
NOVOKUZNETSK/Siberia  Brewery - Zapsib Steel Factory, Russia   
MOSCOW New Police Center - Russia, 12.000 sq.m. - Sibtek Co. Inc.
Ankara BILKENT Molecular Biology Laboratories, Animal House  and Gene Research Facility, 6.500 sq.m.- Bilkent  University  
UFA NATIONAL BANK - Bashkortostan-Russia, 5.600 sq.m. 
Klima Co. Inc.
KHANTY MANSISKY  General Hospital - Siberia/Russia
500 beds, 41.000 sq.m. - Lukova Co. Inc.
Ankara BILKENT  Multi-Purpose Hall (1000 pax), Additional 5 Star Hotel  & Renovation of Existing 4 Star Hotel, 19.000 sq.m.- Bilintur Co. Inc. 
AIBU Bolu Campus Central Heating Plant and Exterior Heating Network (18x106 kcal/h) - Abant Izzet Baysal University  
Istanbul LUTFI KIRDAR International Conference Center Additional Multi- Purpose  (2000 pax) and Exhibition (2000 pax) Halls Bldg.  
13.750 sq.m.- UKTAS Co.Inc.  
Konya ILGIN Power Plant & Coal Mines Admin. & Technical  Bldg.'s Complex ,12.000 sq.m.- Konya Ilgin Electric Production B.V. - USA )  

TUBITAK Gebze Campus UME New Metrology Laboratories Complex 24.400 sq.m.-UME National Metrology Institute (financed by the World Bank)  

Adana/Incirlik NATO Air Base AAFES PX (BX) Shopping Center
(Design + Tender Consultancy + Constr. Supervision)  
Yalova Psychotherapy & Rehabilitation Hospital, 14.000 sq.m.
Federation of Red Crescent & Red Cross 

(Mechanical & Electrical Eng. Design and Tender Consultancy)
Istanbul KASIMPASA Military Health Complex - New Operations, 
Intensive Care & Radiology Bldg.
5.000 sq.m. - Ministry of Defense
ANKARA SHERATON  Conference & Culture Center and  
'Luxury Collection' Hotel
, 35.000 sq.m.- TURSER Co.Inc. (NUROL)
Complete Consultancy of 57 Elementary Schools in 22 Provinces of Turkey 
Ministry of Education
*  (Services continue in 2005)
Norwaste Waste-to-Energy Plants 
Technical Consultancy and Representation
for Plants in Turkey 
Norwaste/Norway (Services continue in 2005)

Construction yet not completed 
Note : Unless stated otherwise, the investments listed above are in Turkey.