Constr. Area

41,000 sq.m.  
No.of Beds 500
Client PETKONTUR Co.Inc. (Contractor) 
Services Mechanical Engineering Design, Preparation of BOQ's, Tech. Specs. 
Scope of Design Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, fire ventilation and pressurization, hot-cold domestic water,sterile water, waste water, storm water, fire extinguishing (cabinet + sprinkler), kitchen, laundry, piped medical gases, piped pressurized air and vacuum, natural gas, clean room technologies, laboratory installations, central sterilization, sterile areas pressurization, cold storages, central heating/cooling plants, automatic controls 
Design Phases Concept design, preliminary design, final design, tech. details 
Notes The hospital has been planned to be a surgical hospital complete with Septic-Nonseptic Operating Theatres, Delivery Halls, Cardiovascular Operation Thaetre; Intensive Care Units, Patient Wards, Policlinics, Emergency Department, Laboratories, Morgue, Radiology, Out-Patient Wards, Maternity, Admin and Mechanical areas. The Architectural design has been realized by Arch.Josef Moser, ABC Consult (Austria).