(Mechanical Engineering design unless otherwise stated)


State Coal Mine Instutition-Afsin Elbistan Compound 

Technical High School, 13.600 sq.m.

High School, 1.600 sq.m.

Elementary School, 1.600 sq.m.

Nursing School, 960 sq.m.  


METU (Middle East Technical University) Gaziantep Campus  Electrical 
- Electronics Engineering Laboratories
Bldg., 1.100 sq.m.       


Konya SELCUK UNIVERSITY  Campus (Total : 200.000 sq.m.)

Faculty of Science, 60.000 sq.m.

Faculty of Literature, 25.000 sq.m.

Presidential Building

Medico-Social Center

Computer Center

Printing House

Library Bldg.

Cafeteria Bldg.

Guest House  


Renovation of Adana Incirlik Library Bldg. - US Air Force  (USAF)

¾ Konya SELCUK UNIVERSITY  Faculty of Medical Sciences  & Hospital, 90.000 sq.m. 
¾ Mersin Muhittin Develi Primary School Building
¾ TEK Cayirhan Compound  Nursing House, 3.325 sq.m.- State Electricity Institution
¾ TEK Ankara-Golbasi  Nursing House , 1.200 sq.m.- State Electricity Institution 

Kusadasi Hotel Management School and 4-Star Application Hotel
22.000 sq.m. - Ministry of Public Works

¾ TEK Ankara-Golbasi Middle School Bldg. - State Electricity Institution
¾ Ankara GOKKUSAGI Compound Nursing School - Bayindir Co.Inc.
¾ AIBU Duzce Campus -  Faculty of Technical Education and Cafeteria Bldg.  
sq.m.- Abant Izzet Baysal University  
¾ ILYINKA/Siberia Nursing House, Russia 2.000 sq.m. - Sibtek Co. Inc.  
¾ Ankara Molecular Biology Laboratories, Animal House  and Gene Research Facility 6.500 sq.m. -  Bilkent  University  
¾ AIBU Duzce Campus  Faculty of Forestry, 12.000 sq.m.
Abant Izzet Baysal University  
¾ AIBU Duzce Campus  KONURALP Research and Educational Hospital
3.000 m2
- Abant Izzet Baysal University
¾ BILKENT University  East Campus Ankara Prep. School Bldg.
7.000 sq.m. Bilkent University  
¾ AIBU Bolu Campus Library Bldg. - Abant Izzet Baysal University 
¾ AIBU Bolu Campus Faculty of Electrics & Electronics Engineering
sq.m. - Abant Izzet Baysal University 
¾ AIBU Bolu Campus Presidential Bldg., 7.800 sq.m.- Abant Izzet Baysal University  
¾ AIBU Duzce Campus Hospital of Faculty of Medicine, 23.000 sq.m. 
Abant Izzet Baysal University
¾ AIBU Duzce  Campus Faculty of Medicine, 33.000 sq.m.
Abant Izzet Baysal University (Complete preliminary design)
¾ AIBU Duzce Campus Morphology Block of Faculty of Medicine
11.000 sq.m.  
Abant Izzet Baysal University
(Mechanical & Electrical Engineering design)
¾ BILKENT University Ankara East Campus Prep. School Additional Classrooms Bldg.  Bilkent University 
¾ Technical Consultancy Services of 57 Elementary Schools in 22 provinces
Ministry of Education
 (services continue in 2005)

* Construction yet not completed

Note : Unless stated otherwise, the investments listed above are in Turkey.