(Mechanical Engineering design unless otherwise stated)


Afsin Elbistan Compound
Sports Hall (closed), 3.300 sq.m.
State Coal Mines Instutition

US Air Force  (USAF)
Renovation of Ankara Balgat Sports Hall
Renovation of Adana Incirlik Sports Hall


Izmir Foca Shooting Polygon, 3.000 sq.m.
State Naval  Forces- Ministry of Defense

¾ TEK Ankara Golbasi Olympic Swimming Pool &  Sports Hall
State Electric Ins.
¾ Canakkale Heliped Facilities, 800 sq.m.– State Naval Forces  
¾ METU Graduates' Assoc. Ankara Recreational Facility and Closed Swimming Pool  * - Middle East Technical University 
¾ Ankara ALTINPARK Facilities-Closed Olympic Swimming Pool, Presidential Bldg., Greenhouses and  Stables 
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Ankara ERYAMAN Mass Housing Compound Social Facilities 
Tennis Club, 800sq.m.
Closed Swimming Pool, 3.000 sq.m.

¾ New Gymnasium  Building at Adana/IncirlikNATO Air Base-NATO+USAF
¾ Izmir–Selcuk PAMUCAK Aqua Fantasy Touristic Facilities
Buyuk Co. Inc.  


Int. Sports & Social Facilities, 8.200 sq.m. (design consultancy) *

Construction yet not completed 
Note : Unless stated otherwise, the investments listed above are in Turkey.