(Mechanical Engineering design unless otherwise stated)


Koycegiz Iztuzu Lake Recreational Facilities
State Tourism Bank Co. Inc.

Konya SELCUK UNIVERSITY Medico-Social Center 

¾ TEK Ankara Golbasi Recreational Bldg., 4.500 sq.m.
State Electricity Ins. 
¾ Adana Incirlik Family Services Center (new) - US Air Force  (USAF)
¾ Antalya  Kemer Marina  Facilities, 20.500 sq.m. (total)
State Tourism Bank Co. Inc.
¾ TEK Cayirhan Compound Mosque, Recreation Bldg. and Nursing House 3.325 sq.m.- State Electricity Ins.
¾ Iskenderun Recreational Bldg. and Guest House, 4.000 sq.m.
Petroleum Works Gen. Directorate 

State Electricity Institution (TEK) 
Kahramanmaras Cafeteria
Yenikoy Power Plant Recreational Bldg.


Diyarbakir Kralkizi Dam Recreational Bldg. 
State Hydraulic Works Ins.(DSI)

¾ Ankara Revolving Tower-Restaurant, 1.500 sq.m.-Kecioren Municipality *  
¾ Three Social Facilities in Adana, Balikesir and  Elmadag Air Bases
¾ YALTA Health, Social, Cultural  and Sports Complex Preliminary Mechanical Design Russia, 80.000 sq.m. - MIR  

SEVILLA EXPO’92 World Fair - Pavilion of Turkey, Spain
Ministry of State

¾ METU Graduates' Assoc. Ankara Recreational Facility and 
Closed Swimming Pool 
* - Middle East Technical University 

TPAO Batman Recreational Facility and Guest House, 3.500 sq.m.
Turkish Petroleum Works Co.Inc  (Design & site supervision)  

¾ Ankara ALTINPARK Facilities-Closed Olympic Swimming Pool, Presidential Bldg. Greenhouses and  Stables
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality
¾ Ankara Cankaya Gendarme School Commandership  Social Facilities & Lodgings - Ministry of Public Works 
¾ Ankara DIKMEN VALLEY Project - Recreational Areas Design
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality- METROPOL Co.Inc.  

Ankara ERYAMAN Mass Housing Compound Social Facilities
Tennis Club, 800sq.m. 
Restaurant, 1.100 sq.m.
Garden Cafe
Closed Swimming Pool, 3.000 sq.m.

Admin Bldg., 600 sq.m.
Health Clinics, 600 sq.m.

¾ Izmir–Selcuk PAMUCAK Aqua Fantasy Touristic Facilities
Buyuk Co. Inc.  
¾ Int. Sports & Social Facilities, 8.200 sq.m. (design consultancy)  *
¾ Istanbul Kadikoy and Uskudar Governmental Bldg.s, Tax Institutions Bldg.s 
& Social Facilities  (3 blocks),
40.000 sq.m.
Ministry of Public Works (Mech.& - services continue in 2005 ) *

Construction yet not completed 
Note : Unless stated otherwise, the investments listed above are in Turkey.