(Mechanical Engineering design unless otherwise stated)


Ankara MACUNKOY Bread Factories
(2),  6.000 sq.m.+1.650sq.m.
Ankara Municipality
¾ CAG-KOOP Meat Processing Facility  Cine-Aydİn, 5.000 sq.m 
(Mech.Eng. Preliminary Design)
¾ CEMAS Kırsehir Steel & Steel Products Factory - Laboratories Bldg. and Cooling Water Facility - Private
¾ Istanbul CAYKUR Buyukdere Tea Packing Factory, 11.500 sq.m.
Ministry of Customs and Monopolies
¾ Kayseri Wooden Works Industrial Compound and Brickett Drying Facility Private

F-16  Military Factory Aircraft Murted/Ankara - Ministry of Defense

Aircraft Maintenance Hangar 

Aircraft Engine Workshop

Field Training Facility (Simulation)

Corrosion Control & Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Hangar

Fuel Systems Bldg.

Crew Readiness Bldg.

Various Hangar Modification Designs


Gunal  Co.Inc. (MNG) Ankara Industrial Compound - Private
Wooden Workshop
Steel Workshop

¾ 16th JET Air Base  Aircraft Maintenance Hangar - Ministry of Defense  
¾ WESTINGHOUSE Ankara Elektronics Factory  Preliminary Design
¾ Balikesir NATO Air Base  Maintenance Workshops - USAF
¾ Diyarbakir Kralkizi Dam - Power Plant Bldg.
State Hydraulic Works Ins.(DSI)  
¾ NOVOKUZNETSK/Siberia  Bread Factory,  Zapsib Steel Factory, Russia
¾ NOVOKUZNETSK/Siberia  Brewery,  Zapsib Steel Factory, Russia

Istanbul SABIHA GOKCEN  Airport Vehicle Maintenance Workshop
4.000 sq.m.

¾  Konya ILGIN Power Plant & Coal Mines Admin. & Technical  Bldg.'s Complex ,12.000 sq.m.- Konya Ilgin Electric Production B.V. - USA  *
¾ Didim Municipality Waste Water Treatment Plant
Chlorination Bldg.
Water Elimination Bldg. 
¾ Norwaste Waste-to-Energy Plants 
Technical Consultancy and Representation
for Plants in Turkey 
Norwaste/Norway (Services continue in 2005)

Construction yet not completed 
Note : Unless stated otherwise, the investments listed above are in Turkey.