(Mechanical Engineering design unless otherwise stated)


Six  Squadron Operations & Wing Operations Bldg.'s With CBR Shelters at Mus, Batman & Incirlik 
NATO Air Bases -
(CBR=shelters protected against chemical, biological, nuclear weapons)


NATO Turkey

Bandirma Flight Control Tower 

Bandirma Flight Operations Bldg.

Bandirma Observatory Bldg.

Diyarbakir Observatory Bldg.

Erhac (Malatya) Observatory Bldg.

Erkilet (Kayseri) Observatory Bldg.

¾ Dalaman Air Base port CBR Protected Squadron Ops. Bldg. - NATO+USAF  

F-16  Military Factory Aircraft Murted/Ankara - Ministry of Defense

Aircraft Maintenance Hangar 

Aircraft Engine Workshop

Field Training Facility (Simulation)

Corrosion Control & Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) Hangar 

Fuel Systems Bldg.

Crew Readiness Bldg.

Various Hangar Modification Designs

¾ Cardak NATO Air Base CBR Protected Squadron Ops. Bldg.  - NATO+USAF  
¾  Balikesir  NATO Air Base Admin. Bldg. - USAF  
¾ Balikesir NATO Air Base Fuel Distribution Facility - USAF  
¾ 16th JET Air Base  Aircraft Maintenance Hangar - Ministry of Defense  
¾ Pirinclik/Diyarbakir NATO Radar Base Security  Bldg. - USAF  
¾ Balikesir NATO Air Base  Maintenance Workshops - USAF  
¾ Adana - Incirlik NATO Air Base CBR Protected Avionics  Facility * - NATO + USAF    
¾ Sanliurfa GAP Airport Terminal Building, 4.500 sq.m. - GAP + DLH Institutions  
¾ Various Buildings at Adana/Incirlik, Ankara/Murted NATO Air Bases & Diyarbakir/Pirinclik US Air Station  - NATO+USAF

Fuels Laboratory Building

Radar Transmitter Building

Field Support Bldg.  

¾ Ankara & Izmir International Airport Terminals Preliminary Design   
(Design competition) - Ministry of Public Works

Adana-Incirlik NATO Air Base Trailer-Truck Aircraft Facility - NATO
Electronics Workshop Bldg.
Field Support Workshop Bldg.
Maintenance Commandership Headquarters  

BEM/GBE Commandership Bldg.
Parachute Center
Production Workshop
Line Maintenance Bldg.
Supply Storage Bldg.
Central Heating Plant & Exterior Heating Network


Istanbul SABIHA GOKCEN  NATO + Civilian Airport
Domestic Flights Terminal Bldg., 4.000 sq.m.
Cargo Bldg., 6.000 sq.m.  
Gendarme Security Bldg., 1.800 sq.m.  
Gendarme Guest House, 1.500 sq.m.  
Police Security Bldg., 4.700 sq.m.
Vehicle Maintenance Workshop, 4.000 sq.m.  
Private Companys' Services Bldg., 4.760 sq.m.  
Customs Bldg., 1.650 sq.m.  
Accident-Fire, Fire Brigade Bldg., 4.050 sq.m.  
Lodgings, 50 houses

* Construction yet not completed 
Note : Unless stated otherwise, the investments listed above are in Turkey.