was established in January 1979 and undertook Mechanical Engineering design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision of buildings until the year 2000. Starting from 2000, the company added Electrical Engineering and Contract Management services as well to its working field. 

In the scope of Mechanical Engineering services there are;

¾Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
¾Drying processes 
¾Energy conservation and heat recovery 
¾Central heating and cooling plants 
¾Condensation control 
¾Pool installations 
¾Automatic controls and building management systems 
¾Hot & cold domestic water, drainage & storm water, sterile water 
¾Central sterilization 
¾Piped medical gases, pressurized air & vacuum 
¾High & low pressure steam
¾Solar energy  
¾Fire extinguishing 
¾Smoke exhaust & pressurization 
¾Water filtering & softening 

Electrical Engineering services include the design, preparation of tender documents and construction supervision of;

¾Low voltage (interior-exterior lighting, power and socket, energy distribution for mech. equipments, grounding, lightning, generator, UPS)
¾Weak current (data, telephone, TV ve satellite TV, fire detection & alarm, dubbing-announcement broadcast, security installations, CCTV, card access)
¾Medium voltage lines 

GEN-TES provides its clients with high quality services through quality management systems established in the firm and is capable of providing Professional Liability Insurance when required, which is not common in Turkey. GEN-TES, through its mother company ODTM Co. Inc., has been accepted to the FIDIC Business Integrity Management System Pilot Program. *

Among the projects which are completed by GEN-TES until today mainly are hospitals, hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, educational facilities, industrial complexes, social and sports facilities, commercial buildings, military facilities, culture & arts buildings, airport facilities, central plants & exterior networks, laboratories, CBR (chemical-biological-radioactive contamination) protected shelters and similar.

GEN-TES Co.Ltd. is the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Group of the mother company ODTM Co.Inc., established in 1990, which renders technical consultancy services in main engineering disciplines (mechanical, electrical, structural and civil) and architecture. (Fatma Colasan, the Managing Partner of GEN-TES, is also the Principal and the founder partner of ODTM.) (Please refer to the Organizational Chart.)

, through its mother company ODTM is a member of MERGE , which is an engineering co-operation group of technical consultants in Europe and which accepts one member firm from each European country. GEN-TES has also acquired a high level of knowledge and experience in international consultancy applications through its Managing Partner's intensive involvement in FIDIC and EFCA


* The relevant pilot program is being applied in 8 countries including Turkey and ODTM (GEN-TES) is one of the two firms from Turkey.